History of the Arctic Gateway

History of the Port of Churchill

“When the freighter Pennyworth sailed in 1932 to Churchill, Hudson Bay, she opened up a new commercial route to the prairie provinces of Canada. She was the first vessel to prove that the navigation of these subarctic waters was practicable for freighters.”  Read More


History of the Hudson Bay Railway

“Over muskeg and swamp for 500 miles a railroad was built from the prairies of Manitoba to Churchill, on the shores of Hudson Bay, where a grain elevator and other port facilities were provided as a new outlet for the produce of Western Canada.”  Read More


Manitoba History: Churchill Chapter, 1931

“My interest in books and my appreciation of the treasures they contain began while quite young. The adventure described in many of the boys’ books and magazines of the day led me to stories of the north. The famous painting of a sad-looking Henry Hudson being cast adrift in a row boat by his mutinous crew in the year 1611 touched my heart. And, so, I knew some things about Churchill long before I had the good fortune to go there for the first time in 1931—one of the most interesting years in its modern history.”  Read More