Know I’m Here – Documentary on Churchill

In a moment of crisis for the subarctic town of Churchill, Manitoba, Kal Barteski brings together artists from around the world to paint massive murals on the town’s neglected buildings.


Know I’m Here is a documentary that follows artist Kal Barteski as she organizes a massive art project in the subarctic town of Churchill, Manitoba. Motivated by the closing of the town’s port, the loss of jobs, and effects of climate change, Kal invites 18 artists from around the world to paint murals as a way of helping the community.


But, those goals become tested.


Just days before the art festival, an unexpected crisis strikes. Spring floods wash out the rail line and cut off Churchill’s lifeline to the south. Getting food and supplies becomes a daily challenge. The American company that owns the rail is in a stand off with the Canadian government. The remote community becomes trapped and more isolated than ever.

As the town deals with stresses and looks for solutions, Kal and the artists work to create and do what great art does: offer recognition and reflect a particular moment in time. These massive works of art transform the landscape and bring hope and recognition to a community feeling forgotten.

This documentary from Handcraft Creative, which was featured at the Canadian Human Rights Museum and premiered on CBC TV this year, is now freely available for viewing on The Arctic Gateway Group would like to thank the Town of Churchill and Handcraft Creative for their hard work on this important work of art.

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The Arctic Gateway Group LP owns and operates the Port of Churchill, Canada’s only Arctic seaport serviced by rail, on the Hudson Bay Railway, running from The Pas to Churchill, Manitoba. Strategically located on the west coast of Hudson Bay, the Arctic Gateway is the front door to Western Canada, linking Canadian trade in resources to the global marketplace.

The Arctic Gateway’s logistical advantage, rail assets and unique location provide direct and efficient routes to markets for Canada’s abundant natural resources and manufactured products, while connecting Canadian consumers and importers to the world marketplace via the North.

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The Arctic Gateway is a partnership between First Nations, Northern communities, Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited and AGT Food and Ingredients Inc.

Today, we announce an historic partnership and agreement to restore rail service in Northern Manitoba and to Churchill. Press release:

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With the strength of Canada behind it, the Arctic Gateway is creating a resource corridor through the Arctic to the world.