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August 6, 2021

Arctic Gateway Group Announcement

The Arctic Gateway Group was pleased today to receive a $40 million federal investment through Indigenous Services Canada’s Strategic Partnerships Initiative. This is an important step allowing continual improvement of the Hudson Bay Railway, and Arctic Gateway Group is looking forward to a continued partnership.

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Arctic Gateway Group

The Arctic Gateway Group LP owns and operates the Port of Churchill, Canada’s only Arctic seaport serviced by rail, on the Hudson Bay Railway, running from The Pas to Churchill, Manitoba. Strategically located on the west coast of Hudson Bay, the Arctic Gateway is the front door to Western Canada, linking Canadian trade in resources to the global marketplace.

The Arctic Gateway’s logistical advantage, rail assets and unique location provide direct and efficient routes to markets for Canada’s abundant natural resources and manufactured products, while connecting Canadian consumers and importers to the world marketplace via the North.

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What is the Arctic Gateway?

The Arctic Gateway is a partnership between First Nations and Bayline communities, building a natural resources gateway through the Arctic to the world.

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Why the Arctic Gateway is Important

With the strength of Canada behind it, the Arctic Gateway is creating a resource corridor through the Arctic to the world.